BIM Usage Increases 75% : Autodesk Stock Up over 100% in 6 Months : The Business of #BIM

Hey we can all bend statistics in our favor but the one that jumps off the page in the most recent McGraw Hill Smart Market report is that one-half, 50% of the industry is using BIM, or a 75% increase in usage in the last 2 years.  That’s a ridiculous adoption rate.   McGraw Hill’s method of analysis is through internet surveys and while you can question the sample population the broader market may have picked up on this as well as Autodesk, the defacto 800 lb gorilla with Revit and Navisworks, etc. , is off its 5 year low posted on March 9, 2009 of $11.79  to trading at $23.58, that’s 100% gain folks in a little over 6 months.  If you are new to this world you think everyone has drank the cool aid but if principal, CM, PM, etc is making the decision on what/when/where to invest in BIM is becoming a too obvious choice even if its just to be on the bandwagon.  Anyone who has pulled CAD lines until they cramped up and laments changes and design options knows the beauty of working in 3D.

So not surprisingly one of the most repeated benefits is “reducing rework” and “avoiding rework”, you see the trend and this jibes well with all the other reports we have seen and also noted here, including the estimated $16 billion to $34 Billion wasted on such things.  But while that becomes the most apparent most immediately the effects of everything else downstream cannot be discounted, integrated disciplines, collision detection, scheduling, the “zero-defect” building.  However, can’t get there until you start with BIM.  Existing Conditions, Renovations, New Construction, it does not matter as there are technologies that will help get you there.

Report is Available Here through McGraw Hill


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