Acquistions in the BIM Space: ARC acquires RCMS Group: #BIM

ARC a publicly traded company focused on document and digital management has acquired certain assets of the Atalanta based, RCMS Group.  While on the macro level its good to see the markets waking up with acquisitions, etc. but a document management company acquiring a CAD/BIM Production shop.  This backs up an earlier post when I spoke of the building as the operating system, and as companies have been creating running inside salesforce, and facebook, we will see a centralized BIM become the hub for a variety of services and value added services, from bidding on construction, to energy anaylsis, etc. and it seems to make a lot of sense that a company that focused on Digital Document Management is getting into the space.  I wonder when Iron Mountain makes a play?  Additionally, how many BIM production shops are out there and who is creating and maintaining content?  With the official announcement by the GSA for the BIM awards, those prime contractors and their subs provides a good who’s who in the US BIM market.

Official ARC Press Release Here:

ARC Extends Technology Services With Acquisition of Atlanta-Based RCMS Group, LLC, a Leading Building Information Modeling Company



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