Residential BIM : Where you at?

Recently we have delivered some large existing projects in Revit for various firms including an athletic center and large adaptive use use mill project, in fact, a lot of our commercial deliverables have been in BIM or more specifically Revit (don’t hate on me Archicad people just giving the market what it wants), however, it is rare indeed the residential project that is asking for Revit/BIM as a deliverable.  Is this because the contractor/sub-contractor network is not there to leverage the benefits, or producing CDs and doing details/drafting is not seen as worth it?  Are people using SketchUp in the concept phase and then going back to 2D drafting to produce drawings?

What’s your story?  This is a call out for people’s workflow, experience, best practices, let’s best understand this market.  Come on and share people.


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