by Jim Foster

While I sometimes introduce this blog as the perfect cure to insomnia I try to keep it narrowly focused on the BIM and Built Environment industry, although I will try and insert other issues that are pertinent to entrepreneurs and business owners, and some stuff that I find too good to resist.

I am the founder of an architectural services company, InterioReview, focused on the built environment, that is, our day to day is capturing the built environment in both 2DAutoCAD or 3D Revit / BIM environments.  I also founded PointKnown, www.pointknown.com , and we are in the process of launching PKNail (a laser to Revit / laser to BIM tool).  With the majority of projects and construction happening in the built environment we wanted to introduce a productivity tool set that would get anyone working and productive right out of the box.  Regardless if your final output is a BIM or 2D CAD, PKNail will help capture existing conditions, quickly and accurately the first time.

Thanks for stopping by.  I am always interested about BIM, existing  conditions and how people are working.  Please post or e-mail it would be great to hear from you.  Thanks.

Jim Foster




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