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Korean BIM, no, not food…BIM : GS Engineering and DPR Construction sign accord.

As reported in the Korea Times GS Engineering & Construction has teamed up with DPR Construction.  DPR, a top 50 Contractor, has fully incorporated BIM, IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) and VDC (Virutal Design and Construction) into their methodology.  They both worked on the NC Soft Building in  Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province.

“Though Korean builders are doing very good overseas, the level of construction technology and labor productivity still remains lower than those of other advanced nations,” a GS spokesman said. “By adding the high-tech IT technology to construction projects, we’ll try to become one of the top-tier builders in the world.”  He said both companies have already used the BIM process in building an R&D center of NCsoft, a top online video game company in Korea, in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province, and they will further expand bilateral BIM collaboration in the years to come.

Also reported in the article and unknown to me at the time is that BIM is required on all goverment projects over 50 billion Won, which at today’s rates would be USD $4,502,700….tasty



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