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RMI to Host Summit for Energy Modeling : BIM

“Reliable and consistent building energy modeling services are key to maximizing energy efficiency and achieving aggressive performance goals in new and existing building construction. Currently, how ever, various barriers inhibit the cost-effective and high-quality analysis that can result in deep energy savings.”

You would have thought I wrote that myself, but I did not, thank Molly Miller from the Rocky Mountain Institute.  To learn more about the summit visit the RMI Website .  But things are starting to dovetail for building surveyors and energy modeling further enforcing the need for a trusted source when documenting existing buildings and analyzing them.  Read the quote from Kendra Tupper, Senior Consultant at RMI.

“There is a lack of confidence in the quality, consistency, and reproducibility of energy modeling results. Coupled with the fact that it’s time-consuming and expensive to conduct quality analyses, it’s difficult for practitioners to effectively use energy modeling to inform design and make compelling business cases for investing in energy efficiency.”

PBS, Professional Building Surveyors, pick up the phone.


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