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The renovation market is now breaking loose…BIM

In a recent article in the ENR  (Engineering News Record) ENR’s Top 600 Contractors Awaiting a Recovery, the news is mostly bad.  Revenue is down 8.7% for the Top 600 from 2009 and they do not expect a  recovery anytime soon, for new buildings.  One of the bright spots, “the renovation market.”

 “Our maintenance and retrofit market is up 40% in the past year,” says Limbach’s CEO Bacon. After three years of bottled-up demand, he says, the renovation market is now breaking loose.

Being Tech Savvy is a plus as well in cutting the waste out of construction and trying to maintain already thin margins. “If you are not fully proficient in [BIM], you are way behind,” says Dean. He says the first phase was to show that BIM actually worked in the construction process. The industry is now in a second phase, in which practical improvements are being implemented on a regular basis. “It’s not just a clash-detection tool anymore,” says Bill Dean, CEO of M.C. Dean.



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