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Vectorworks 2011 Launches : So? : BIM

Vectorworks 2011 launches and its got more sauce, its new and improved, they include the undercoating, and put a turbocharger under the hood and I am not sure this article in CADalyst is much more than a PR release, however, one thing that sticks is not the 450,000 seats worldwide but the fact that Jon Peddie reports them having 75% of the Mac based CAD market now that could be interesting.  Whether they can leverage that position or their expertise in developing on the MAC platform remains to be seen. For example, have they got it running on the iPad so it goes into the field or do you leave that up to some 3rd party.  All you read and see about BIM, it’s should be about interoperability yet all these tools profess to have better wall tools, or site modeling which is all well in good as we want to see those tools get better but what I want to see is we kick integrations ass.



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