#MassTLC Unconference : Part Deux

So this was my second time at the unconference, this was with a different focus though from the on e in the spring,  Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  What the unconference does is to increase your chances of serendipty.   I hear you saying, “what kind of drivel is that, you sap.” And rightly so but give me a minute.  We have all had those moments whether you  are an entrepreneur or selling insurance or designing a product that you meet someone or speak to someone and they either give you an idea, or a lead, or some help that either, at worst makes your day, or better gets you a sale  or starts a business relationship and you just don’t know sometimes where that is going to happen.

So you’re on the grind going to conferences and tradeshows, presentations, lunch and learns, etc. and man is it a slog sometimes.  At the unconference, because of the tenor and how it was set up, people are there to connect, some are still better than others and it is such an amalgamation of talent that the chance of hooking up with someone who gets what you are talking about, or has useful advice or wants to hook you up with someone who could help is greater than at any conference I have been to. So get your game on and giddy up.

This post was from Don Dodge from one of the session and lists a host of resources in Mass for entrepreneurs.

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