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BIM Projects Coming in 10% Lower –> IPD 20% Lower

A recent post by Dennis Neeley on Reed Construction Data states that recent reports show projects coming in at 10% for building drafted in a BIM format, and 20% lower for those using IPD and integrating the disciplines digitally.  However, Dennis goes on later on in the article to note, and rightly so, that operating costs of a building during its lifetime start to dwarf the construction costs.  And that correct data about existing facilities and the better management of those assets can show savings from 20% to 40%.  However, still one of the biggest issues, and one I touch on frequently,  is interoperability, the development of standards and standardized objects.  I also think there is an opportunity for manufacturers who provide excellent objects to designers can start see quicker adoption of there products and decreased sales cycles as consumers of those digital objects are already educated about the product and using them in their models.


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