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Mac : AutoCAD : Sledgehammer: kaPOW

Reports coming over the interweb that Autodesk will be releasing a version of AutoCAD native for the Mac.  For someone writing this on a Mac while AutoCAD Architecture / ADT is running on  on Parallels (PC Simulator) simultaneously this is initially a big yawn.  However, for the fervent MAC camp that rather ride down a razor railing than use anything PC related this has to be met with much joy and confirmation that the MAC platform is superior and even the big boys now have to admit it and start creating or recreating native programs for the MAC.  The bigger question remains why?  My guess?  Because Apple is ‘cool’ and so, then why not.

I first saw this over at Architosh, where the article goes into further depth about how it was programmed, Cocoa v. Aqua which has absolutely no relevance to me, as with my refrigerator, I plug it in, it makes things cold as I load software, I expect it to work.  From a development standpoint I’ll have to ask some people smarter than me how easy–> difficult it will be to port programs from Windows to Mac environment but we’ll have to wait for the real release.

Also below is youtube video showing it running,


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