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Beat the Heat in Boston

The extremely non-exhaustive list to cool yourself down in and around Boston.

Get to the Beach and then Treat Yourself

Cranes Beach & Wingaersheek Beech, Head north on 128.  Enjoy the water, and then take the short drive to Essex and go get fried clams and soft serve, call in your fried clam order if you can.  Try Woodman’s, Farnham’s (they got picnic tables over looking the tidal marsh) or try the Village, and Essex Seafood, which has always been a solid go to.

Horseneck Beach, terrific beach going south on 24, Westport, MA almost always less traffic, then go to the Back Eddy for something to cold to drink and a snack.

You’re in and around the city.

Find a Roof Deck and/or Pool, a variety of posts on the subject from, but it seems the Colonade for a pool stop is always mentioned. And outside of the city, Indigo in Newton is pretty nice stop.

Walk the Greenway, play in the fountains, get gelatto, try the Gelateria  in the North End.

Have a cold drink in a well air conditioned bar by the Garden, then walk over the river, across the locks into Charlestown and do the same thing there.  Your choice for locations, there are many.  But go ahead and stop at Emack and Bolio’s on the walk back.

Play in the Fountain at the Christian Science Center, walk into the Pru and Copley to soak in the air conditioning, play “how much are these shoes” at Nordstrom.  Have a friend stand back from the shoe tables, have them guess.  Most likely off by a factor of 10, go get a coolata at Dunkin.

If you are feeling particularly flush and it’s after 5, go get a martini at the Oak Room, used to come with side car sitting in ice.  That will frame the rest of your day.  Air Conditioning set on igloo.

Take your dog for a walk at the Middlesex Fells Reservation, or bring him/her to a pond, throw a stick. Jamaica Pond, Spy Pond, Fresh Pond, etc.  You might not get cool, but look at the dog, so happy.  And now I’ve seen Canoe and Kayak Rentals at Spy Pond.

So there’s a start, generally, a cold drink, cone or a slush, water, you get the idea.



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