BIM Pricing : Graphisoft fires 1st Shot of 2010

So there are always been a lot of water cooler discussions about the price of software, and in here at frombulator it would be the pricing of BIM software.  With visual communication of clients still being the number 1 reason for people using the stuff, and not necessarily the right reason, it seems a less robust BIM, miniBIM piece of software might do the trick.  ‘Hey, that’s Sketch Up’  True Sketch Up does a fine job of communicating visually with clients, however, I don’t know anyone putting construction documents together with it, although by saying that I’m sure someone out there will correct me.  However, needing a first step with BIM without laying down $5K and 20% annually seems like there might be a sweet spot for an entry product.  So Graphisoft issues a press release Feb 18, about the new ArchiCAD STAR(T) Edition with a suggested retail price of $1995.   Is this big enough to warrant a response from the gorilla in Waltham, yeah I know corporate HQ i in California but Revit still lives closer to its ancestral home.  I will be watching this because I usually ask somewhere in my presentations, ‘When I say BIM how many of you are thinking Revit?’  Sounds like the start of good poll, not sure who wants to know the answer.


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