Unlocking the Multi-Billion Building Retrofit Market from the Carbon War Room : #BIM

The Carbon War Room harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to implement market-driven solutions to climate change. The world needs entrepreneurial leadership to create a post-carbon economy.

The War Room’s unique approach focuses on bringing together successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, policy experts, researchers, and thought leaders to focus on market-driven solutions.  -www.carbonwarroom.com

Anyone who read the times article yesterday and from their own web site saw that these guys are putting a wrapper around Retrofits , from the engineering to the financing that can be sold as bonds with a 7% return mainly paid from the savings incurred from the retrofit projects, has to love this approach.  It puts people back to work, it saves energy and dollars, and it provides a return on capital for those invest in it, awesome.  One has to imagine that more financial institutions looking to bundle, promote, sell new products is going to love this.  From ‘green’ investors down the line.  There’s a job recovery program for you.


Green Capital Global Challenge from Carbon War Room on Vimeo.



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  1. #1 by Nol on September 22, 2011 - 5:01 am

    Lockheed Martin has a disastrous record of project mismanagement, emissions violations, inflated costs, safety violations, election law violations and more. They rank #1 on the Federal Contractor Mismanagement Database with 57 separate violations $590 million in misconduct fees. http://www.contractormisconduct.org/index.cfm/1,73,221,html?ContractorID=38&ranking=1

    Lockheed Martin paid its lawyers – through the US Chamber of Commerce – to defeat climate change laws in six states.

    Add this to the fact that Lockheed Martin, through its fuel guzzling machines of war add more co2 emissions to the air than any other company…it is kind of odd and depressing that they would claim to be trying to help the climate.

    How many ways can you say, “greenwashing??!!”

  2. #2 by Jim Foster on September 23, 2011 - 5:50 am

    I had never even heard of Lockheed being in this business until seeing this ‘consortium’, one could argue that where there is government money there are firms good at getting government money, no matter what discipline.

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