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Capturing Existing Building Conditions Accurately and Efficiently

“Capturing existing building conditions accurately and efficiently is one of the keys to success for a renovation project.”   That’s straight from the Autodesk video.

However, when they go over the methods for documenting existing conditions…

Existing Conditions Methods

Autodesk Existing Condition Methods

I’d like to add PKNail, because I would argue that it’s tough to be accurate without measuring something.  Sure that’s a bit self serving, but we’ve all been there, dragging lines, using different colored pens, sketching with gloves on, or trying to use a laptop in the field, and we are fired up for the release, because it works, it’s making our job easier, we’re quicker, more accurate, and building Revit models in the field.   measure –>press –>model and were eager to get it into everyone’s hands.


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