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With BIM…It’s done instantly : IMC Construction using BIM on Endo’s new HQ

Main Line news reports that the IMC Construction is using BIM on Endo Pharmaceutical’s new Headquarters.

The modeling has allowed site and foundation construction to begin while the building is still being designed. To expedite the preconstruction process, IMC is using Building Information Modeling, which aids with estimates and budgeting.   The software gives measurements for “square yards of carpet, cubic yards of concrete and tonnage for steel,” Cottone said, adding that if the design changes, the program immediately recalculates the measurement needed for materials. In the past, it would have taken weeks or months to estimate materials. With BIM, it is done “instantly,” Cottone said. In addition, blueprints are sent digitally to the computers on site; no more unwinding rolls of papers and weighing down the corners, Cottone said. The investment in the technology is necessary to compete, Cottone said, but an even bigger investment is in training and that takes commitment by the firm.



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