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In the BIM Room : “Your Chocolate is in my Peanut Butter”

So not a lot new here in discussing the use of BIM in the ‘Freedom Tower’ , or Tower 2, or WTC 2.  I have mixed emotions using WTC, as I imagine many do when mentioning the World Trade Center but having grown up in Jersey, commuting on the PATH to come out of its bowels and having so many friends working down there, well, mostly, it’ still good to say ‘WTC’ anyway while not much new about using BIM in the project except for the fact that this latest was reported by Fox News of all outlets.  So for most of us who troll for information about BIM and its uses in esoteric trade magazines, websites, and blogs the fact that Fox News picks up this BIM thread?  That part to me is news.

Quick excerpt from article below.  Full Jump Here

Serge Demerjian is a Development Manager for Silverstein Properties, the company building Tower 2.

“This is where the trades come together and work all the mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, electrical systems to make sure that they all fit within the space of the building that’s been designed,” he said.

Before the BIM process, a building has been designed and put on paper. BIM then creates a precise computer animated 3D model of how every part in the building will fit together. The goal? Make sure it will.

The chocolate and peanut butter reference was used by Serge in the article, while it’s “two tastes the taste great together”  having them in harmony, now that’s beauty of it, then again, maybe chocolate and peanut butter always taste great together, even if they’re just a mess on the plate that your 2 year old put together, so strike that metaphor with BIM, how about engineered tastiness, all right still working on it.  But mainstream media and BIM, now there’s two tastes that taste great together, wondering if BIM is right for you?  It is.


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