Project Twitch : #Revit #SaaS #Cloud, Cool

So I had been ruminating in a post awhile back about using Revit and or BIM authoring tools as a service, Saas , or computing in the cloud.  If you have been to any business or venture conference in the last 18 months+  inevitably someone will ask you what your SaaS model is, or you’ll hear the word cloud more than it’s repeated on the weather channel.  Well sometimes you can tire of this chatter and discount it but this makes sense,  rather than devoting your time and resources managing hardware boxes and upgrading software, etc. it makes more sense to just go to work.  Wit regards to the BIM world, you want to have the BIM centrally stored and distributable, I mean this model makes more sense to me for BIM than most.  So in comes Project Twitch from Autodesk, which is the “remote delivery of (Autodesk) application over the internet..” and included in the test is Revit Architecture 2010.  For latency reason they say you should be within 1000 miles of the test lab in San Fran…really?  slackers.  This is a very good thing.


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