Squirelly Times Call for BIM: #BIM

Yeah I called them squirelly.   I have  to say Q4 2009 has been better than the rest of them bit I am finding, and getting anecdotes from others in the industry that it is the squirelliest of times, and I’ll try and stop using that.  What do I mean?  I’ve put together more proposals this quarter but am finding that clients are cost conscious to the extreme, and no matter the relationships and reputation you have built up it’s more what have you done for me lately.   Now while its tough environment when someone is out there ready to cut you off at the knees on a bid just to keep busy on an unfortunate race to the bottom what can we do to keep business, get new business and offer our clients more of an incentive to stay with us and or pick up new ones.  In most cases, a BIM enabled firm will be able to offer more services and accurate bids.  A recent article in Construction Week outlined Better Bidding Through Bim. Better bids, better scheduling, projects on time and on budget, proven ROI all make a more persuasive argument.

While economists may argue that this resetting of the market is an efficient allocation of resources and our new reality, it’s time then to efficiently allocate our own.



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