Skanska Pre Fab at Miami Valley Hospital saves $1.5 to $3 million & months on the job : BIM

A couple of things of many that jumped out at me watching this video. “Something that might take someone 2 weeks took me 3 days.”, “less scrap”, “better air quality”, and the winner “we’re 6 months early”. Not only that they estimated that it took 1-2% off a $152 million building, that’s $1.5 to $3.0 million, one project, and that’s only on the prefab, what else can BIM/IPD/VDC do for you.

An inadvertent meeting of the minds during planning for a 484,000-sq-ft hospital in Dayton, Ohio, turned into an effort that has propelled multitrade prefabrication of hospital components to a new level. In the most ambitious U.S. implementation of the strategy, the construction manager estimates that prefabbing the 178 identical patient rooms and 120 overhead corridor utility racks sliced more than two months from construction and 1% to 2% off the cost of the $152-million building, which is 90% complete.


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