Revit Technology Conference : RTC is coming : Down Under or Cali; your pick.

Met with Steve Stafford, who has an excellent Revitcentric blog @, the other day in Waltham the other night over a beer, he was in town to talk the mothership about all things Revit in 2012.  I gave him a brief preview of PKNail and he was telling me about the Revit Technology Conference, which is kind of like AU but imagine AU where it’s all things Revit.  It started down under and because of popular demand and a lot of folks in the industry seeing where the wind is blowing is now in the States for the first time.  While those out there who have been living Revit for 5 years and might not feel like it’s cutting edge anymore, it still is, and is still new too many people.  Show your Revit chops, hook with other Reviteers, get your game on, get down under or get to Cali, the Revit hordes have arrived.



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