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Web Enabled BIM : Cloud BIM : Horizontal’s BIM Glue sticks it.

While catching up with a friend today he mentions that he saw a demo recently of something that blew the doors off current file exchange, investigating a BIM model and coordinating file types.  He said that working with it over the web is faster than working with a model on his desktop, he said this stuff is the pudding, okay he didn’t say pudding but he said this stuff is the future.  You can take a look at their web site, and request a demo at Horizontal. It’s called Glue. Now I mentioned in previous posts that I believe the building is the OS (operating system) and once it is digitized, like Dr. Seuss would say, oh the things that you could do.

On the face it, Glue is providing the the platform, and wants you to manage all phases on their platform, estimating, scheduling, collaborating and if they are making it easy, watch out.  The number one constant complaint from building professionals is the amount of software, its complexity and lack of interoperability, if Horizontal has put a bow around this it’s going to be a hit.  The fact that it is streaming over the web, cloud based, SaaS madness which reduces IT investment overall and simplifies deployment the sales calls should be pretty simple.


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