AEC Edge Premiers: Industry Mag from AUGI – Focus on Revit

AEC Edge just premiered from AUGI. (Autodesk Users Group Intl.)  It’s inital focus is to provideAutodesk users crucial information to “be more productive and on top of their game.”  First issue seems to deal with all things Revit.  3D and IPD, and Revit in High School, which seems interesting that these deign/collobration tools are starting to far down the education pipeline.  The format is of electronic magazine, where you flip pages which seems fine from a user consumption model, but web share model, and maybe it’s me, but does not seem as user friendly as it could be.  For example, if I wanted to post a link to the article I just read, it is not readily apparent on how to do so, which seems counter intuitive in web dissmenation of content.  Either way worth the read for those in the INdustry.  And for AUGI, this is a crucial site and source for anyone, anybeing in the Autodesk Universe.  They have provided, at least to me, more answers and information than any other site out there.


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