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Autodesk Posts 2009: Revit Continues to Outpace

Autodesk released its fiscal 2009 annual report and I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at the numbers.  First, and most importantly to me  is the growth within in their AEC segment.  This segment in general posted a revenue gain of 9%, whereas the Revit family or products produced a revenue gain of 22% compared to itself in 2008.  I could boldly state that this is proof positive of Revit’s market acceptance, however, this is also an easy to mask would could be lousy performance.  For example, if I sold one box of cookies last year, and this y I sold two, voila 100% gain.  By seeing the actual numbers you are more likely to come to the conclusion that I am lousy cookie salesman, and this does not necessarily reflect on the product at all.

When looking at revenue by Geography, Revit posted a 40% Revenue gain compared to 2007, and compared to the AEC segment of 26% as a whole.  Again comparing it to itself does not shed a ton of light on the subject accept for the fact that Revit is accelerating.

If we look at this on a macro level, anyway you look at it, this is positive.  Autodesk could be discounting products in order to maintain top line growth.  Do I care?  No, since I do not own Autodesk as a stock holder, but am very invested in it as a user/developer.  So while a shareholder might be more interested in margins, I’m more about top line growth and adoption, so the fact that Revit is posting better revenue gains compared to the rest of the segment, I’m happy.

Strategically, I like the fact that Autodesk has almost $1 billion cash on hand in cash and cash equivalents, and that they have no problem making acquisitions of companies in their target zone.  What’s their target zone?  The way I look at it, imagine a building from conception to destruction and everything in between.  If you carve out a space in there you are in their target zone.  Interestingly they dropped FM Desktop which leaves a gap in their portfolio.  The fact they picked up Navisworks, Constructware, Ecotect, etc. shows they are serious in owning this space and that they do not want you to have to leave their product of families to do your work.  Hello Microsoft. How this plays with their commitment to IPD and cross platform compatibility will be interesting.   IPD is too big a deal to pay lip service too so I imagine they play along, continuing to create value within the BIM and IPD space, and acquiring companies who provide value added tools.

And if you are a Revit user, or thinking about switching over, signs look good that Autodesk has your back.  FYI Gartner Research reported in 2007 a 12% growth rate for BIM and Revit is beating those estimates.  If I get a bit more motivated I will try and break out Revit revenue from the AEC segement, breakout the % revnue from subscription and divide by average single seat license or average seat license and see if we can get to an installed base #, last time I tried something, and this was very unsicentific I had it around 300,000+.  I’ll follow this post up if I get some more cofee in me and can get excited to go through the annual report, 10K’s etc. in more detail.


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