Trimble offers 59% Premium for Tekla : Hardware meet software : Software meet hardware. : BIM

As Scooby would say, “yoinks”.  As reported in WSJ and I am sure many other places.

HELSINKI (Dow Jones)–Finnish software company Tekla Corp. (TLA1V.HE) said Monday U.S. Trimble Navigation Ltd. (TRMB) has offered to buy the company for EUR15 a share in cash, a deal potentially worth EUR337 million.

One can see that an integrated hardware/software approach in the building industry could be a true winner.  If you talk to people about wanting to introduce technology into the construction trades and what they will say in between the laughing is ‘good luck.’  Easy to use deployable field technologies just don’t exist as they should, Trimble with their know how acquiring Tekla seems like a no brainer as when I first got into this biz, the one product that came up time and time again, before anyone mentioned BIM was that people were using Tekla from design to fabrication because it worked.  Recently Tekla announced their own flavors for BIM and 2D drafting, now being able to integrate those tools with the knowledge/expertise or even the combined sales force of Trimble, well, it starts to make a compelling argument.  Queen to Bishop 7, Autodesk what’s your next move.


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