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Trimble Acquires Penmap : Customized Software for The Surveying Market

images_fishSUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 15, 2013—Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) announced today that it has acquired a suite of software solutions from Ltd. of Bradford, United Kingdom.’s solutions include both office and field data collection software specifically designed for the cadastral and surveying markets. The comprehensive software suite enables Trimble to further address local application requirements and customer needs by providing complete customized surveying software solutions for the cadastral market. Financial terms were not disclosed.

So that’s interesting news.  Penmap’s last press release previous to this one was in 2011.  Additionally they don’t seem to have an ipad app, but rather handhelds and rugged pcs. So what gives.I threw ipad in there only because someone in every meeting will ask you, does this run on the ipad.  Also on there website they refer to technology and laser technology that is a couple generations old.  And while I’m all for acquisitions and exit strategies, this one makes me wonder if they a large government contract hidden somewhere..  Anyway while I was on this thread I though I’d post Trimble Acquisitions from 2012 and through this date 2013.  Let me know if you see the thread.  Except for owning the mapping of the physical and natural world.

Trimble Acquisitions 2012 – Early 2013.

Feb 15th – Penmap (Cadastral and Surveying Markets)

January 3 : ALK Technologies (Transportation and Logistics)

November 2, 2012 : Vico Software (Field BIM)  –    Thanks John for the reminder

October 5 2012 : Refraction Technology (Structural Monitoring Solutions)

September 19 2012: Logicway (Transportation and Logistics: Payroll Automation)

August 27, 2012 : TMW Systems (Transportation and Logistics)

July 2, 2012 : WinEstimator (Construction : Cost Estimating)

June 11, 2012: GeoTrack (Transportation and Logistics : Oil & Gas)

April 26, 2012 : SketchUp (3D Modeling)

April 6, 2012: Gatewing (Survey Solutions : Aerial Mapping)

January 12, 2012 Plancal (MEP Market)






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Holy Frijoles: Trimble acquires SketchUp : Game on to own Digital Buildings

As they say on Sport Center, Trimble is en fuego, they acquired Tekla earlier with a well documented, well established player, especially in the structural space who also released their own BIM product with BIMsight, and now they are acquiring Sketch Up.  While all the SketchUp users are asking, ‘who the hell is Trimble?’  The Trimble folks, or AEC folks understand.  Looks to me that Trimble is vertically integrating and surrounding the ‘digital’ building.  Someone said to me somewhere along the line that “Leica is an engineering organization that has to sell stuff.  Trimble is a sales organization that happens to sell surveying equipment” Anyway you get the gist.  Makes one wonder what Autodesk will counter with now that Trimble has crashed the party.  Seems like Google has decided to give up the building data market and concentrate in collecting every piece of information that exists about individuals instead.  That’s too bad because it would have been interesting to see the Google Machine start to digest all that building data.  However, the fact alone that they had 30 million activations in the past year has to give anyone in this space pause, then again it’s free, but free works for market penetration. And honestly isn’t the end game to get a project into your ecosphere and manage it from design to demolition, from cradle to grave and Trimble is starting to put together a pretty compelling environment.  Let’s take a look shall we:

Accubid – Cost Estimating Project Management Software : CAD based or screen take offs (acquired by Trimble August 2010)

HHK –  GIS and CAD Surveying Solutions For Germany and Europe. (acquired by Trimble January 2008)

Meridian – Capital Projects and Major Renovation Management Software (acquired by Trimble October 2006)

Plancal -HVAC , Building equipment and Appliance Software  (acquired by Trimble January 2012)

QuickPen –  Provides Pipe and HVAC Estimating Software Solutions, CAD Detailing Solutions for HVAC and Mechanical Systems (acquired by Trimble March 2009)

Tekla – Building Information Modeling (BIM) Solutions (acquired by Trimble

Trimble Business Center – Allows you to edit, process, and adjust data from all Trimble surveying instruments from your desktop

Trimble Connected Community– Web based project management, let’s just call it the “Cloud” based management, at least they should.

So what’s all this  Vertical Integration mean? Well Rockefeller or Carnegie would argue it creates efficiencies in the market place, offering you a better product for less money. However, I am more curious to how Autodesk responds.  They could argue that Trimble is not a threat because they “Autodesk” are a 3D company, not just focused on AEC.  It reminds me of quote from Bob Rosenberg, former CEO of Dunkin Donuts when asked about Krispy Kreme’s rise.  This was at a time when Krispy Kreme was hot and expanding everywhere.  CEO Rosenberg responded, “we don’t see them as a competitor.”  To which you might say, are you kidding me, “DONUTS”, but he followed with “we’re a coffee company they’re a bakery.”  And you know what, he was right, but we’re talking about the ownership of buildings in the digital domain, that’s big.

So we see a hardware company, Trimble, acquiring a lot of software.  Would Autodesk start to acquire hardware.  Although back in the day one of their product managers told me, “we don’t do hardware.”   I expect to see more acquistions down the road.  FARO, a publicly traded company at about $1 billion could be interesting.  Where are the gaps in the portfolio?  What’s next?




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Trimble offers 59% Premium for Tekla : Hardware meet software : Software meet hardware. : BIM

As Scooby would say, “yoinks”.  As reported in WSJ and I am sure many other places.

HELSINKI (Dow Jones)–Finnish software company Tekla Corp. (TLA1V.HE) said Monday U.S. Trimble Navigation Ltd. (TRMB) has offered to buy the company for EUR15 a share in cash, a deal potentially worth EUR337 million.

One can see that an integrated hardware/software approach in the building industry could be a true winner.  If you talk to people about wanting to introduce technology into the construction trades and what they will say in between the laughing is ‘good luck.’  Easy to use deployable field technologies just don’t exist as they should, Trimble with their know how acquiring Tekla seems like a no brainer as when I first got into this biz, the one product that came up time and time again, before anyone mentioned BIM was that people were using Tekla from design to fabrication because it worked.  Recently Tekla announced their own flavors for BIM and 2D drafting, now being able to integrate those tools with the knowledge/expertise or even the combined sales force of Trimble, well, it starts to make a compelling argument.  Queen to Bishop 7, Autodesk what’s your next move.


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